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General Concept

As a result of the business growth tendency, logistics activities today gradually play an important role in the success of the enterprises either manufacturers or traders; the question ‘how to minimize their costs and maximize their efficiency? becomes more and more headache to a lot of players in the market. Do you suffer from that problem? Affirmatively, let’s give us a chance to prove our logistics consultancy services.

Our target is to bring you to the highest level of satisfaction through the efficient logistics solutions.

Manufacturing Logistics Consultancy

If you tell us problems of your current Supply Chain Management system, we can give you relevant advises to:
  • Improve procurement process.
  • Improve inventory management process (for materials, semi-products and finishing products).
  • Improve warehouse utilization.
  • Improve the efficiency of logistics information management systems.
  • Improve the efficiency of logistics documents management systems.
  • Improve 3PL management process.
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and IOP (Internal Operating Procedures).
  • In-house logistics trainings for staff.
  • Study feasibilities of a logistics project (for investment purpose).
Logistics Providers Consultancy

If you need any assistance in the following fields, we can help:
  • Look for local partners.
  • Set-up a representative in Vietnam.
  • Build-up warehouses, container yards.
  • Develop local sales efforts.

You can click here for concrete information about the airports in Vietnam

You can click here for concrete information about the ports in Vietnam

With the knowledge about local infrastructure and road limits, we can arrange with relevant parties to move your containers/shipments from the port or any inland points in Vietnam to the others.

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