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If the volume of your business does not justify the presence of your operating office in Vietnam, we can assist to act as your representative here managing your vendors in following activities:

  • Verify the capacity of the vendors in light of the purchasing contracts.
  • Follow-up the production line and make reports on performance and delivery compliance of the vendors.
  • Coordinate with nominated quality inspectors to conduct QA (Quality Assurance), QC (Quality Control) process for your products.
  • Coordinate with nominated shipping lines to ship cargo out after fulfill necessary customs formalities for your products.
  • Consolidate LCL (Less than a Container Loading) shipments in case you have many vendors and their respective volumes are not enough for FCL (Full Container Loading) booking.
  • Verify the delivery from vendors e.g. date, quantity, quality.
  • Update sailing schedule for your shipments.
  • Collate shipping documents received from vendors and arrange to dispatch them to destination for customs clearance purpose.

With these services, apart from administration costs of the representative office, we can assist you to save shipping cost (via consolidation service) and ensure the timeliness as well as accuracy of shipping documents (via documentation management service).

With our current capacity, we can deal with all your vendors located throughout Vietnam regardless their locations.


You can click here for concrete information about the airports in Vietnam

You can click here for concrete information about the ports in Vietnam

With the knowledge about local infrastructure and road limits, we can arrange with relevant parties to move your containers/shipments from the port or any inland points in Vietnam to the others.

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