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If you wish to have a space for storing your stocks, just call us - we have a long list of reliable warehouses throughout Vietnam, with suitable sizes and capacities performing following services.

Normal storage:

  • Simply store your stocks e.g. raw materials for production, semi-products or finishing products for distribution.
  • To keep you updated on stock status, we will generate and submit the periodical reports on inventory down to PO (Purchasing Order) level or even SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) level as per your desired format.
  • In case you are using your own facilities, we can offer our recommendations for a better way to maximize the utilization of your space or enhance productivities of your warehousing activities.

CFS (Container Freight Station):

  • Store your consolidated stocks from various vendors (this service mainly serves the export).
  • Stocks must be customs cleared by the vendors before arriving the CFS and our CFS operator will store and perform export formalities for the stocks as per your instruction.
  • Our CFS operator will deal with your nominated carriers to pick-up the empty container to stuff stock then return it to the carrier’s CY (Container Yard).
  • The inventory report will be run and sent to you on daily basis to keep you updated on your stock status based off which, you can decide how/when to ship stocks out.
  • In light of local customs regulations, the maximum storage time for this service is 30 days, exceeding which the vendors are required to re-perform the customs clearance for those stocks.
  • We manage our sub-contracted facilities to meet with C-TPAT requirements (requested by the US Customs) when handing your stocks.

Bonded storage:

  • Store your customs cleared stock with no time limits (for export).
  • Store your imported stocks, which are not customs cleared and waiting for selling within Vietnam (for import).
  • Our bonded warehouse operator will perform all necessary customs formalities to import or export your stocks when you wish. The detailed customs and duty process will be presented upon your requests.
  • You will get our inventory report as per our agreed terms.

The systems and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) to manage those entire operations will be discussed with you then designed to meet your specific requirements.


You can click here for concrete information about the airports in Vietnam

You can click here for concrete information about the ports in Vietnam

With the knowledge about local infrastructure and road limits, we can arrange with relevant parties to move your containers/shipments from the port or any inland points in Vietnam to the others.

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